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Closet Designs and Dressing Room Ideas
23 Mar, 2018

The thought of waking up every morning to get dressed to work or school is dreadful but if you managed to make your closet look Luxe and chic, then even the smallest of details can ultimately make a huge difference in your day to day routine. Here are a few closet designs to help make your dream closet.


1. Light it Up

One of the most important parts of a closet is the lighting. Choose lighting fixtures that are stylish and flattering. Generally, lighting really amps up the luxe feels of the closet.
Like the picture above, you can have integrated LED lights installed right above the cabinets.


2. Details are Vital

One of the most charming things about closets is the island in the centre. You can choose to make it stationary or on wheels. It would be more convenient if it’s on wheels. It offers tons of storage of personal jewellery, watches and mini purses. Also, the sliding door makes it so much easier and makes it more visible.


3. Clean Canvas

Designing a closet requires correct utilization of rack spaces and storage. Take a look at this wood inspired closet. It’s a perfect canvas for a walk-in closet. It has a fresh and a modern look to it. Since this closet is open, your clothes and accessories can really be the star of your closet. This closet emits functionality.


4. Door Free

Every bit of your furniture has its value, individually. Even though the closet isn’t the same room has the other rooms in your house. The most significant thing about this closet is that all the clothes, shoes and bags are how they are displayed. These exposed shelves are a great way to colour coordinate your clothes and bags.


5. Regular Maintenance

The biggest piece of advice is to go shopping and makes sure to curate your closet each season. If you are tidy person and tend to regularly clean out your wardrobe, then you’ll be able to avoid a messy and not so easy-to-navigate closet. This is why it’s also important to be picky and choosy about what you bring into my closet.

Above are just bits of closet design ideas or advice that you may take into consideration while deciding on your closet systems. You may either buy it from the market or custom-made it according to your storage needs and your personal preference. Closet is just part of home furnishing, if you need professional advice from designers for your home interior, simply submit your requirements and request for free renovation quotes.

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