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Christmas is the Season of Giving
26 Dec, 2014

At some point in your life, you must have received a Christmas gift that totally does not represent you as a person. Upon opening it, you totally cannot relate or cannot figure out when you can possibly use the gift. This is probably because the giver was in a rush to buy a gift for you. To avoid being a victim of being a “gift rusher”, read along and learn.


Always Prepare

It all starts with a complete list of the people you intend to buy gifts. This is the part wherein you cannot make a shortcut or you will end up missing important people in your life. What you can do is bucket the names of family and friends to the amount of your budget. If this person belongs to S$50 – S$100, then the name should appear under that bucket. Just make sure the list is placed in a private place that only you can access. Imagine this list being seen by others? That would be a big disaster! 


Personalised Your Gifts

Once you have created the complete list, it is now time to write the gift you intend to give to the said person. This is where the bucketing will help you determine which gift. It is important that you truly know the person and his/her personality. It is important that you devote time thinking of the perfect gift for the person. Keep in mind the lifestyle of the person, the things she would normally have and even the places she usually visits. If you are a good observer of the people around you, you will benefit well from this trait.


Have a Plan B

If you have carefully listed the gift you intend to buy, always have a contingency in case you cannot find the gift at the mall. Again, Gift B should still be personalized and not an item you just thought of for less than 5 seconds.


It’s all about the Wrap

Christmas is celebrated better if you have gifts to open. So, never gift gifts inside a paper bag or plastic bag – straight from the counter bagging. Isn’t it a lot better to wrap them nicely and stick a Christmas card?

Find time to think about the right gifts for family and friends. Do not be a giver who is limited to buying mugs, t-shirt and planner. Be creative as much as you can; and for sure it will be highly appreciated by the receiver.

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