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Christmas Gifts for Homes
08 Dec, 2018

This Christmas article came early as we understand that Christmas presents are bought in advance. If you are distressed about what to buy,  the gifts that I’m about to share with you will help you disperse that worry cloud away.

  1. Bathtubs

    This adorable bathtub is an instant winner. Getting a bubble bath fix has never been easier, especially when the house doesn’t have one built in.  you can’t go wrong with this gift.
  2. Marble Wine Holder/Vase

    What’s a party without a little drink eh? As marble is well-known for its natural cooling properties, it will help with keeping drinks cold and nice. A great gift to be used on the spot
  3. Corkcicle Air
    This item will go very well with item number 2 (the marble wine holder). The air corkcicle has a little openner that allows the right amount of air to the wine for better tasting when pouring out. Easy to use, keeps wine fresh and cold
  4. LD Doormat

    Know anyone who is an oldies fan? This LD Doormat will definitely make them squeal with joy. It works well as a decorative piece and a doormat
  5. Cooking Pot

    Gifting someone something for cooking can never be wrong. We all need to eat anyway. Even if the receiver doesn’t cook, it looks great as a decorative piece or even as a planting pot
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