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Choosing Scandinavian Interior Design For Your Singapore Home?
15 Mar, 2016

Scandinavian homes have a sophisticated character. The designs of these homes are simple, beautiful, and very functional. These home designs have a unique style revolving around an immaculate craftsmanship, sophisticated taste, and a warm functionality. One of the top priorities in the Scandinavian interior design is the use of light. Also, the application of authentic materials, slight decoration, and earthy muted shades are factors of consideration in the Scandinavian home designs. Initially, the interior design of the Scandinavian homes originated from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The design has become more popular in the Singapore real estate market in the recent years.

What Defines the Scandinavian Style? 
The Scandinavian interior design is made up of three basic elements, which include the following:

  • Maximum utilisation of each resource available
  • The blending of attractiveness and functionality, and
  • The elegant home design for the owner

This unique design tends to be genuine, and it mostly adjusts to the natural atmosphere of the area It adapts depending on the natural environment of the home. Usually, the designer applies colour to describe a homely atmosphere that is comfortable enough. The common colors used are grey, neutral earth tone like pastel brown, and white. The earth tone colours are meant to smoothen and soothe the appearance.

Why Choose the Scandinavian Interior Design?

  • This design is sophisticated and distinctive from the common design styles in Singapore.
  • The design style focuses on minimalism without affecting the functionality.
  • It is only handled by professional designers, which assures the homeowner of a high-quality design style.

What are the Drawbacks? 
The Scandinavian interior design has some few negative aspects. For instance, it can be very expensive to get the design, based on the material you choose to use Another thing about the Scandinavian home design is that it uses high levels of white colour. For that, it can be inconvenient to some homeowner that don’t prefer white as an interior colour of their houses. The use of the white colour also means that the house will demand more maintenance.

This design style tends to be complicated, but with some advice, homeowners can find it a great art to apply. Here are some quick tips for those who intend to apply the Scandinavian art;

  • Utilize the ceiling, floor, and wall with different canvas to blend with the contemporary furniture.
  • Apply pastel colour, earth tone, or white to create the Scandinavian atmosphere.
  • Incorporate a veranda into the home design to get the Scandinavian style.
  • A real Scandinavian style entails natural aspects. This means you should use natural timber for accessories, panels, and floorings.
  • The interior design limits the use of furniture just to beautify the room. This means that each furniture in the house must have a particular purpose.
  • This design focuses on ushering natural light into the house, implying that the use of curtains and electric lamps are not a priority.
  • The furniture used are meant for emphasis. For that, the best choice is wood materials like oak, for the interior furniture.

Many homeowners are looking out for the Scandinavian interior design. This design is known for its stylishness and casualness, which is what homeowners want. Even though the Scandinavian design style emphasizes more on functionality, it still maintains the beauty and elegance of the house. The combination of these three aspects makes the Scandinavian art a modern style for homes.

Scandinavian interior design is renowned for simplicity, utility and beauty. Get more ideas from Singapore’s best interior designers. Or you can simply submit your requirements on our website and request for free and no-obligation quotes.

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