Your bedroom’s décor might be looking worn and tired after awhile, but your wallet isn’t in much better shape either. However, your bedroom deserves a place of honour in the house and you should be proud to show it off to friends and family!

Don’t despair for there are cost-effective solutions to sprucing up your bedroom without having to wear out your bank account in the process. And the best part is – taking such a hands-on role allows you to exercise your creativity and create a one-of-a-kind look for your abode; did I mention that it’s loads of fun too?

The key is to concentrate on elements with the most dramatic flair and impact, salvage old items with multiple uses, and find your own touch of uniqueness and originality within your budget.


1. Budget Walls

Paint is a comparatively inexpensive way to makeover your walls and it’s even easier if you only re-paint one wall. Even a single wall can have a tremendous impact on the feel of the room; consider using various faux painting methods to create distinctive textures and patterns to your solid coloured wall. With some paint, acrylic glaze, rags, sponges and painter’s tape, add some texture, stripes and good old character to your walls without having to fork out a fortune for wallpaper or wall coverings.

Hang up old baskets, decorative plates and shallow bowls, or even pretty rugs and quilts to instantly cover up damaged walls and give the room a totally different guise. If you have an exceptionally stylish or well made wall hanging, use it in place of a headboard at the top of your bed.

Photos can be hung up to create an inventive and artistic display; alternatively various objects with great sentimental value such as baby shoes, dried flowers or keys and earrings can be ‘framed’. Simply remove the glass paneling from a 3-dimensional frame and place the desired object within the frame on the wall.


2. Budget Floor

If you have a worn-out, faded old rug, removing it will make your room seem immediately more spacious because it creates the appearance of freeing up floor space. Old quilts can be used as floor rugs, and a couple of inexpensive throw pillows or retro bean bags can add a sense of casual intimacy.


3. Budget Ornaments

Always be on the lookout for chances to reuse and salvage old items and “junk”. Look for treasures in the most unlikely places; for instance, old glassware can be used as candleholders or vases, blankets can be reused as vintage pillows, and old clothing or decorative tablecloths can be turned into new pillow covers.

An old mirror can look dapper with a length of old satin ribbon or twine, even an old scarf. Even antiquated window frames can be transformed into new mirror frames with a little bit of craft work and elbow grease.

Also don’t shun thrift shops, garage sales or flea markets. You can sometimes come across valuable finds like vintage sofa sets, home accessories, and even dinner sets which add an elegant heritage to your bedroom. Look for ornamental, used bird baths which can be used as nightstands or table centerpieces


4. Budget Bedding

Replacing your entire bedspread can be expensive, but simply covering your old comforter and bedspread with a new duvet cover can give you that fresh new look without the expense. As a finishing touch, purchase some eclectic throw cushions or simply use old clothing and fabrics to create new cushion covers for your old pillows.


5. Budget Drapes

Old window treatments and hangings must  be given the boot! Crafty types can make their own new curtains, or else be on the lookout for quality curtains at a great budget price and give wrought iron posts or fences a new life as curtain rods.


6. Budget Lights

Buy a new lamp or overhead light to update your lighting. Or, to be even more cost effective, re-make your lampshade by covering it with some new fabric, or fashion a lamp out of recycled materials. If this all seems to complicated for you, drape your lamp with a piece of sheer material or a light chiffon scarf in any colour to instantly change the ambience in the room.