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Bringing office to your home
19 Dec, 2018

Flexi-work is going to become a norm in time to come, being able to work anytime and maybe anywhere as long as the employee clocks in the necessary hours and finish their daily work.

Flexi-work, depending on your company’s interpretation, may mean that you can work from whichever location you feel most comfortable at.

So if you enjoy working from home, instead of cafes or where else, you need to ensure that your working space at home is conducive and caters to all your working needs.

Let’s list down what is needed for a home office:

  1. Use colours that are not distracting, so NO bright colours.
    Look at colours that don’t shout at you, like bright yellow or bright orange. Go along the lines of colours that has a slight gray tinge.

    For example, #3CAAA2, #F0D0C1, #F9D895.(search these colours up on Picular)
  2. Storage space
    I cannot emphasize enough on the importance of storage space. Given the luxury of working from home, you have the ability to have your furniture be at your comfort level, so you are not limited to that 2 or 3 drawers your office has for you. Having loads of storage space is crucial, it is also scientifically proven that if your space is in a mess, you will be too. Storage spaces gives you ample choices on how you want to organise so when you need something, so you know which drawer or cupboard to immediately go to.
  3. Writing space
    Writing space or typing space, regardless, it’s basically enough space for you to move around the table as you work. Having that space or you to spread out your hands as you work can help you be more efficient, as you will not feel constricted as compared to the space you have in the office.
  4. Wifi router/enhancer
    Flexi-work would not have been impossible if not for technological advancements in the world. If not for the internet, Flexi-work would not work. So with strong internet connection, Wifi, the chances of you ‘losing’ the it is much lower. To have strong wifi, invest in a wifi dongle or a router. These devices help ‘pull’ the wifi to your computer enhancing your work productivity and connection.
  5. Comfortable chair
    Yes! A comfortable chair! If you are uncomfortable in the seat that you work on, it’s gonna affect you BIG TIME, like how your but is hurting after being seated their for 3 hours, then you need to move around to shake that sore away. You and I know that 3 hours isn’t much time to do much work. Invest in a good chair, protects your butt and your spine, also vital to your daily health.
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