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Benefits of an Open Concept Kitchen
03 Aug, 2018

Kitchens are often dubbed the heart of the house as it is the most common place for the family to come together to participate in the same activity (preparing meals). Coming in different shapes and sizes, there are endless ways to do up a kitchen to suit both your needs and wants. In this article, we would be diving deeper into one of the design concepts for kitchens, the open concept kitchen. This article would be separated into two parts, addressing both the lavish appearance of open concept kitchens, to the ugly side and disadvantages with such a bold interior decision.

First up, we will be discussing the perks of having such a concept kitchen within your home and how it can positively contribute to the interior design of your personal space. Here are a few great reasons to choose an open concept kitchen:


1. The Visual Appeal

Without the additional partition set up for to the walls of the kitchen, overall the home can look much bigger and more brightly lit as it increases the amount of natural light let into the space. Removing the partition also allows the interior design of the spaces flow seamlessly into one another without the need to segregate them according to the rooms formed by the walls. A larger space also allows you to expand your creativity more and play with the arrangement of different pieces within the kitchen and even consider having a breakfast counter or a kitchen island as well.

2. Bird’s Eye View

Removing the additional partitions also means that that will be nothing in the way between you and the living or dining area. This way when you have guests over, you may be able to interact with them while whipping up your best dish and never leave a dull moment for your guests. They will also feel more comfortable compared to being isolated away in a separate room while waiting for the meal to begin. Additionally, you may also be able to keep an eye out for your children who may be playing in the living room to prevent any accidents and be able to react as quickly as possible to any emergencies. We all know how fast little children can get when they are courting trouble!

3. Extra Storage Space

Apart from offering you a larger area to prepare your meal as the open concept kitchen offers you the opportunity to install kitchen islands and breakfast counters, these same fixtures also provide you an added benefit of storage space. Rather than cramming all your kitchen necessities into your kitchen cabinets while ensuring the items do not all fall out when the doors are opened, you can now stow away additional items into the drawers and cabinets that come with the kitchen island or breakfast counter. The next time you are looking for a place to store your breakfast cereal, you can just place them in the breakfast counter!


You have made it to the end of the benefits of having an open concept kitchen! Remember to stay tuned to part 2 where we address the disadvantages towards having such a kitchen in your home.


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