Why baskets are the perfect organisational accessory

The humble, woven basket has been in use for probably thousands of years. Yet, this age-old handicraft could well be the magical tool we’ve been searching for which instantly helps us organise and hide clutter in our modern homes.


Using baskets creatively can add a signature touch to your home; besides being inexpensive, sturdy, and durable, they come in a myriad of shapes and sizes and can be used for everything from storing eggs and fruit to organising your bath towels.

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Different baskets, different ways

The utensil caddy is just a fancily named picnic basket. It looks like a basket with dividers to separate cutlery, napkins and paper plates, replete with a handle for easy toting around. Likewise, use these handy dividers in the kitchen for separating small items like straws, coffee stirrers, plastic cutlery, or in the bathroom for organising miniature hand soaps, dental floss and all your other bathtime knick knacks.

Tiered wire baskets are great for use in the kitchen. They save you so much shelf space and allow you to store fruit, dry vegetables like onions, potatoes and garlic, and add a touch of countryside rustic to your home.

Hanging wall pocket baskets usually have flat backings and can be hung flush against the wall. Pockets made either out of fabric or rattan help you store bills, oven mitts and other miscellaneous items out of your way. Another alternative would be to fill the pockets with decorative flower arrangements for instantaneous charm!

The good old wicker hamper – how can a piece about baskets possibly be complete without its mention? These are perfect laundry baskets, because they are light and durable enough to carry around; also use them to store guest pillows, spare duvets and comforters or children’s toys. They come in such a variety of sizes and shapes that you’ll be sure to find one that suits your needs.

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Looking to jazz up your bottle of wine? Pop it in a wicker wine caddy for an instant class update, without the expense! As a finishing touch, line the caddy with some colourful tissue paper, and arrange it neatly as it peeks out from the basket. Finally, tie a fabric ribbon or some sparkly, curly streamers to the neck of the bottle and give your friends something to talk about!

Bushel and peck baskets resemble giant pails and usually have metal handles. Traditionally used by farmers for transporting huge bushels of produce to the markets, you can now use them to store miscellaneous children’s toys.

Small rattan baskets are so versatile! Label them as “In” and “Out” trays to organize your work files and documents at home, as well as simplify bill paying and tax records. They’re also invaluable drawer organizers for bits and pieces of stationery like pencils, paper clips, post-its and erasers.

Wire baskets find their place in the kitchen as egg baskets, spice racks, and napkin holders.

And finally, why let your pet sleep on the hard kitchen floor when he can luxuriate in the cozy warmth of a wicker pet basket? Merely line with old pillows, blankets or cushions, throw in his favourite bone or squeaky toy and watch him frolic in his new home!

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