You’re not boring; your house is probably not boring; so why should your bathroom look like it’s in camouflage mode?


This is a boring bathroom:

• Misplaced or missing focal point
• Half used containers haphazardly arranged
• Toiletries and bathroom accessories spilling out over every available surface
• Mismatched or dreary colour scheme


Tips to liven up your bathroom atmosphere:

• If you can’t find a nice floor rug, do without! It gives the illusion of a more spacious bathroom
• Personal hygiene articles should be rounded up and placed in eye-catching jars, baskets, and decorative, vibrant mugs
• Electrical appliances, towels, and old clothes can be hung from racks affixed onto the walls
• Wicker or rattan boxes, even wooden chests can add a little flavor and panache
• A folding screen between the sink and the toilet will enhance style and privacy
• Wall mirrors reflect light and improve illumination in the room
• Bath and hand towels should be purchased in vibrant, rich shades
• Walls should be wallpapered or painted to add some character to the room
• Paint or stain cabinets and exposed pipes in matching colors to the walls to improve uniformity
• Replace knobs and handles of cabinets for an instant update
• Fill a glass bowl with potpourri, seashells or precious stones and place next to the sink


Accessorise for X-factor
Because suitable accessories add just the final touch to make your bathroom design really pop, don’t overlook these subtle additions to your loo! If you want to keep your look constantly fresh, rearrange the accessories every month or so.

• Shower curtain
Choose your shower curtain wisely – if you’re looking to enlarge your space, then a clear shower curtain should do the trick. However, a patterned shower curtain may blend in with your bathroom décor more seamlessly, giving a more coordinated look to your bathroom overall.

• Towels and bathrugs
Try to avoid using more than 2 different colors for towels or your bathroom will look confused, not coordinated. In fact, even bath rugs should be in a complementary or matching shade to your towels, which should match the overall look of the room.

• Baskets and more baskets
Big and small, wire or rattan, these can be used to corral up messy, small items like razors, soaps, contact lens cases or glasses. Bigger versions can be used to hold laundry or spare towels, extra toilet paper or washcloths.

• Trendy Dispensers
Your toothbrush holder, soap dish and tissue dispensers should be a team, and also match the theme!

• Picture this!
Hang up an attractive painting, artwork or other classy photograph to draw attention to the focal point of the room. You could also place potted plants around for an air of vitality and life.

• Aromatherapy
Items which can add subtle scents include candles, potpourri or incense sticks.