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A Good Interior Design Company…
19 Apr, 2015

1. Has good company core characteristics and qualities!

Hit up their website, pamphlets and magazines to find out about the company’s style and quality of work. Trawl through their website, read up on their history and what motivates them to give their best. While it may seem like a waste of time, how sincere a interior design firms or renovation contractors comes across in what they believe in is a sure sign of their dedication.


2. Presents you with their portfolio

Other than having good core values, the next most important thing a design firm should have is a stellar portfolio. Most companies put up their portfolio on their websites or brochures as proof of their quality and creativity of their work. A burgeoning portfolio shows that they have a lot of clients who trust them and also the signature style that you may or may not be looking for.


3. Builds a rapport with you

You’ll find many interior design companies that offer amazing deals and renovation packages but if you can’t establish a mental and creative vision and connection with them, you should keep looking. Ultimately, you are trusting them with your money, creative vision and your house. If they can’t get you, they are not the One.


4. Speaks to you

A good interior design firm checks and double-checks both their interpretations and your expectations. By speaking to you, they address your concerns and advise. The manner in which they treat you and speak to you will speak volumes and also give insight to future correspondences during and after the project. If you cannot meet halfway on problems, thank them politely and find another renovation company that you’re more comfortable with.


5. Offers a good price and payment options

Renovating your house requires quite a bit of your hard earned money. While it’s not a wet market to haggle at, probe a bit and ask if they have promotions and deals. Work out a quid pro quo situation between the two of you so that you can save some money and bring in some clients for them. A good firm will offer you options on how to settle the payment through flexible payment options.

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