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5 Ways To Get Your Home Halloween Ready
23 Oct, 2018

Spritz up your Halloween game in your house with these simple furnishings.
Key points for Halloween is to be Mysterious, Cool and last but not least Spooky!

Idea 1: Cobwebs

Use cotton pads to make these cobwebs. When cotton is stretched, it looks like a spider’s spin. Place it in the corners of your house, where spiders normally make their webs, or draping them on tables and chairs to make your house seem uninhabited.

Idea 2: Spiders

Purchase black art and craft pipe cleaners. Bend it they way you’d like your spiders to look like. To make the spiders look more adorable than scary, purchase some googly eyes and paste them on the spider.

Idea 3: Jack-O-Lanterns Paper Mache

Use papier mache to make the shape of the pumpkin.
Get newspapers and crush them together to the size of the pumpkin you want and make its stalk. To make the eyes and mouth, make indents in the places you want for the eyes and mouth. After making your desired designs coat it with a thick layer of white glue, and leave it to dry. During the drying time, prepare orange paint for the Jack-O-Lantern’s face and green paint for the stalk.

Idea 4: Black Mesh cloth

Use the black mesh cloth as a curtain to make your house dark and spooky looking.

Idea 5: Tiny ghosts

Using papier mache again, take a few pieces of tissue, make it damp and place it over a cup or over any object to achieve your desired shape, for a dome shape.

Adult supervision is advised when children are involved in making the above ornaments.

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