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5 Ways to Add Glitz and Glamour to Your Home Interior
21 Mar, 2018

Everybody wants a house that is glitzy and glamorous all year around. A glamorous house is a visual treat to your guests. But it doesn’t have to be an expensive affair. Here are a few simple tips to revamp your house in budget.


1. Chandeliers

Adding Shine in your house with the use of a chandelier is the best place to start. For instance, consider one that isn’t too heavy – this will give a more elegant look to your house.
Chandeliers are not only just for dining rooms, but can be added to unexpected rooms for added charm.


2. Gold Paint and Furnitures

It is certainly possible to pull off a look without making your house look too shabby. By exchanging your curtains, rugs and other fabrics all over your house with a gold colours/ fabric is a good start. A gold-based Accent wall and a huge ceiling to floor headboard for the bed is an excellent addition.


3. Centre Piece Table

A perfect all year long décor item in your home is a table. A more preferable look for a glamorous house is a centrepiece table that makes a gold statement.


4. Accessorize

If tables aren’t your preference then choose bold rugs or glass holder filled with any colour decorative pebbles—there are so countless ways to make a glitzy, glamorous centrepiece.


5. Prominent Wood Work

Look to the dining table in the image above—the wooden table adds a bright more sophisticated touch to another wise simple dining room.

Consider adding wood accents to your home through chairs, tables, and accessories. Gold and Wood are a good combination.

If you are planning to upgrade your home’s interior, hopefully the above info will give you some insight. Alternatively, is it also advisable to engage a professional interior designer for your home interior and renovation. You may start by sending your requirements and free quotes request via ST Homes.

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