The dining area forms the heart of every home and it has been known to be a warm place where family members and even guests, gather to share a meal and interact. The primary piece of furniture in this setting is the dining table and there are important considerations that should be made before shopping for one. These should help you to find a fully functional piece that will perfectly blend in with your home interior design.

Tips on choosing the right dining table:


1. Home Design
There are situations where you may be forced to refurbish your dining area in order to match the interior design of your house. In such a situation, you can choose to create harmony by going for a table that matches the shape of other surrounding pieces of furniture e.g. coffee tables and end tables. You can also make the same consideration when choosing the finishing.


2. Space Available
There are various things that will be determined by the space you have for your new table. You should consider going for a square table if you have adequate space but a round one will be best choice for a small area. It is important to give some allowance for free movement and opening of doors or windows where necessary. You can hire renovation contractor or simply take the actual measurements yourself in order to go for the right size.


3. Seating Requirements
This will depend on the number of persons who are expected to use the dining room and you can easily come up with a figure by factoring in all your family members. For four people or less, you can opt for a square table but you may need to choose a round design for a bigger number. It will be wise to go for an expandable dining room table, either with removable centres or drop leaf sides, if you are not sure of the exact number.


4. Other Purposes
Apart from sharing a meal, dining areas are also ideal places to interact with family and friends. Going for a round shape will be best move for such purposes since it will allow the involved persons to have direct eye contact and this will make it pretty easy to interact. A square table can also serve the same purposes but there will be a limit to the numbers of persons who can comfortably use it.


5. Safety
If you have a family with small kids, you will be a better off with a round table to ensure that they are safe when using it or playing around the dining area. This will help to avoid any injuries from the sharp corners of square and rectangular tables.