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5 Tips for Making Your Kitchen the Heart of the Home
06 Apr, 2016

A great kitchen really is the heart of the home. Where you slave over the stove to whip up mouth-watering feasts for your loved ones, or host cosy dinner parties for your best pals. It pays then to devote some thought in creating a culinary space that is easy and fun to use for you and your guests! Here, we share 5 simple tips you can incorporate when designing your home kitchen.


Kitchen Reno Tip #1:
Backings do not have to be boring. Besides tiles, opt for laminated glass, stone or even metallics like copper.


Kitchen Reno Tip #2:
Awkward corners can be solved with some clever thinking. Here, a breakfast counter replaces a kitchen partition wall, adding yet more counter space for use.


Kitchen Reno Tip #3:
Small, but efficient use of space. A tight corner incorporates an effective kitchen “work triangle” of cooker hub, counter space, storage and sink.


Kitchen Reno Tip #4:
Clever design can help you to multi-task. Here, a built-in, pull-out chopping board efficiently disposes of food scraps in one easy sweep.


Kitchen Reno Tip #5:
Consider shifting non-essential food preparation space elsewhere. This breakfast counter can take a coffee machine for your morning cuppa, but also turn into extra workspace or even a buffet table in a pinch.

Whether you are simply doing a minor upgrade or completely re-furbishing your kitchen, the end result will be enjoyed and used every day. Up-to-date kitchens are in great demand and are very popular nowadays. If you are planning either a complete makeover or simply want to enhance your kitchens, simply submit your requirements to get No-obligation FREE Kitchen/Bathroom Renovation quotes from Singapore’s recommended renovation firms!

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