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5 Stylish Wall Shelves Designs
02 Apr, 2018

Wall shelves can add abundance of space to any room whilst providing you plenty of storage. Over the years and expansion of modern thoughts, shelves now have mirrors and other decorative attachments. Wooden wall shelves are a good choice for your homes entry way – ideal to hold your keys, caps or umbrella. Here are a few wall shelves designs we hope you will enjoy.


1. Showing Off Your Collection

If you are a handbag enthusiast or just like to collect branded items – then it’s no shame that you want to showcase your treasured collections. Any collection you love can be showcased like the picture above. Adding inbuilt LED lights will become the direct focus of the room.


2. Stash Your Alcohol

If you aren’t sure where to stash your alcohol, consider a wall shelve. The wall shelve will provide an easy access to your expensive alcohol collection. But if you have kids at home, this isn’t a good idea.


3. Go Big or Go Home

This massive white shelve is sure to grab all the attention. Instead of cluttering your shelve with tchotchkes, rather opt for bigger and bolder decorative to be showcased on your shelves. Select medium sized pottery or even ceramic artefacts are a good option. Go Big and Bold.


4. Elegant But Simple

Lighting can make a huge difference especially if you have expensive artefacts in your shelves.

You can use larger pieces or even smaller pieces to break the lined-up soldiers look. Just to add dynamics in your shelves you can rearrange them NOT according to their height to make them more exciting.


5. Treasured Memories

After the technological advancements in the society, having photos printed and framed has become an old trend. But if you still are the sort of person who likes to showcase treasured memories through photos, this image is a perfect example. This will add sparkle to your living room.

Wall shelves can add enchantment to your room by providing you much of storage with their unique and classy designs. However, if  you want to get serious about your home interior design and decorating, it is recommended to get consultations from professional interior designers. Simply send your requirements here and request for free renovation quotes.

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