You two have spent the best part of your years perfecting your mouthwatering cheesecake together. You miraculously discovered the secret ingredient to your annoying neighbour’s jealously guarded chili crab recipe there. You’ve spent countless hours tidying, scrubbing and polishing her up. But now, something doesn’t seem quite right with the most creative room in the house, your darling kitchen. When should you schedule her a makeover?


When the sinks go marching down

If the sink in your kitchen has given you more than 5 episodes of choking, leaking or breaking in the last 3 years, it has to go. When you change your sink, you inevitably have to change the joining pipes and filters. That is a good thing because the sink that you installed eons ago may not be equipped with the newly developed water filters storming the market now. With a more modern sink, you don’t have to worry about germs breeding in your old faucet and you can enjoy the peace of knowing that it’s not going to choke the next time you cook spaghetti.


When you keep you eyes averted from your cabinets

Kitchens without cabinets are like a person with no teeth. So if you’re avoiding looking at your cabinets like you would at a person who has gross teeth, you know it’s time to hack them off. Your cabinets, after experiencing years of opening and closing, could possibly have loose hinges that pose a danger of falling off anytime. Worst still is if some of your cabinets had no doors! Other then potential hazards of loose doors, your cabinets could be covered with layers of oil and dust accumulated over time.


When you can’t bear to look at your floors

Over the years, your kitchen flooring would have seen a lot of traffic and probably looks worse for wear now. It is not safe to tread on worn out floors for they might be too smooth and slippery with all the traction lost over the years. While rugs and mats could temporarily enforce some friction, it is better to install new floors that last longer, like linoleum or laminated floor.


When your countertops look down

The moment you revamp your countertops, people notice a huge difference because it is the second thing that their eyes are drawn to after your cabinets. If your cabinets and floors still look like they have a few years left in them, then give just your countertops a new lease of life and change them. After years of use, they might be stained and stabbed with nicks and holes so replacing them would be a good idea. Most new countertops can be installed hassle free and over the existing old ones in a matter of hours.


When storage means storing in your garage

Cookware should be kept in the kitchen and not garages or living rooms because it’s unsanitary and frankly, silly. If you have been turning to storing your cutlery and pans somewhere else in the house for the lack of space in your kitchen, you need to do something to your kitchen pronto to free up some. Old kitchens most probably don’t have options to expand or utilize space for your accessories and hodgepodge of items you collected over the years. You could throw away your ancient oven and get a smaller chicer one or you could also break an old counter that was placed inconveniently to free up space for your washing machine!

Makeovers don’t necessarily mean having to undergo massive renovations and all that dust and debris. Buying your kitchen and you a brand new set of cutlery and matching plates is a small step towards a makeover. The idea is to just spruce up the room where all the culinary magic happens!