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5 Ideas To Make Your False Ceiling More Eye-Captivating!
19 Sep, 2017

Bring more aesthetic charm to your home with a false ceiling.

Ceilings can change the look of a room completely and turn heads as well because the first thing most people notice when entering a room is the ceiling. This area can either add beauty to the room or make it dreadful. Gone are the days of plain concrete or wooden ceilings since we live in an age where people are seeking to practically transform their homes into public displays of art.

But false ceilings go one step further than textured paint, wallpaper or fabric. Besides making any room look stunning, they house decorative or layered lighting, conceal any loose electric cables, and can even help you save on heating costs. So here are 5 unique & extravagant ideas to decorate your ceilings.


1. Creative Black Coloured Square Ceiling Installed with Fiber Optic Panel

This one is for the people who like to lie on the grass on breezy nights staring at the stars. Except this stargazing can be done at the comfort of your own bedroom.

A simple square shaped ceiling is painted black in the interiors and is fixed with Fiber Optic Panel to create the effect of a starry night. This beautiful star ceiling will really set this room apart from anything you’ve seen. This version of the fiber optic kit imitates the light/twinkle emitted from the real stars. It creates the perfect ambiance for a home theater in your own bedroom as well.


2. Circular Gypsum Fitted False Ceiling with Creative Lighting

If you really want to wow your guests, then this Gypsum ceiling with creative lighting is for you. Not only is the shape vibrant but it screams unique all over the place, the lighting really brings out the blistering beauty of the entire living room.

The false ceiling gives you an opportunity to play with lights more elaborately and innovatively than you could before. A false ceiling design without light effects is incomplete.


3. Modern False ceiling design with Geometric designs

False ceiling design is almost the need of every commercial and residential project nowadays. It has become compulsive to inherent a ceiling design for an elegant and complete design. Even for the smallest of rooms, smallest of budgets – they too go for the complete package of interior design which comprises of floor designing, ceiling designing, furniture designing, decor and accessories placement etc.

You can make the lighting more uniform in the rooms or you can use designer chandeliers to match the geometric designs on the ceilings.


4. False Ceiling with Intricate Wooden Designs

Gone are the days when false ceiling design was just made by gypsum boards or P.O.P (Plaster of Paris) that too it was an arduous process to work on but these days with the latest trends and materials it’s easy to get desired false ceiling design by almost every material for example wood. Ceiling design involving wood panels makes the interior feel more contemporary and stylish.


5. Uniquely Shaped Ceiling Surrounded by Lighting Fixtures

The false ceiling is a way to design the simple ceiling in a sophisticated and elegant manner to bring in more of the attractive looks and completeness to the project. The lighting of the room can be played around with. There are many types of lighting available in the market these days.

While designing the room, it’s necessary to coordinate the lighting effects and colours of the room to create a complete package of designed space. Few aesthetic and decorative artificial lights like spotlights, hidden lights, accent lights, target lights, etc. work well with every kind of false ceiling material and designing.

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