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5 Home Decor Mistakes to Avoid
23 Jan, 2018

Here are 5 BIG NOs when styling your new home.
One thing to remember is that Interior design is all about you and your family. Do not feel restricted, but rather, do whatever it takes to provide yourself a home that functions the way you want it to.


1. Don’t display everything

It’s not necessary to display everything in your living room. It should subtly showcase your passion or maybe a few family photos. Your living room is supposed to feel cosy and homey.


2. Mismatched Patterns

Matching everything isn’t appealing at all. Do not feel that you need to match all patterns and textures. Sometimes it’s the mix and match of patterns that adds depth to your room.


3. Not All At Once

One major mistake people tend to do is, completing their home decorating all at once. It’s always advised for you to take your time when decorating your home. You might find something you love at a different store. Rather be late than be sorry.


4. Proportions Matters

Scale and proportion are two fundamentals of interior design that many individuals often overlook. Scale talks about the size of an item in relation to the space it occupies, and Proportion refers to how the elements (like shape, pattern, or texture) within an object relates to the space as a whole.


5. Listen to Your Heart

Make sure you like what you are doing and do not listen to a third party if you genuinely don’t fancy it. Do what you think suits best for your home. Do it wholeheartedly.

Your house serves as your haven; hence it is natural to make it as comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. Home decor is always a challenge to create a unique look that excites you. If you are new to home renovation and interior design, ST Homes can assist you to meet professional renovators. Get a Free consultation and quotation by simply submitting your renovation requirements and enquiries here.

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