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4 Ways To Choose The Right Kitchen Cabinet
01 Sep, 2015

Choosing the right kitchen cabinet can be a daunting task with many cabinets provided in the modern market. Kitchen cabinets are the first thing that you notice when you enter the kitchen, thus they need to be impressive. There are 4 great ideas that will help you to choose the right kitchen cabinet for your kitchen:


1. Make them coherent
You should choose cabinets that meet the entire theme and look of your kitchen. You need to select the cabinets before you begin with the kitchen remodelling project. By doing this, you will be able to create a cohesive look without neglecting your own taste or preferences. In case you are just doing some renovation, then you should go for something that will contrast effectively with your kitchen colour, flooring and counter tops.


2. Quality of the cabinets
Once you have the design in mind, you need to check of the quality of the products. For cabinetry solid wood is the most recommended and popular product. Kitchen cabinets made of high pressure laminate and metal are also popular because they are durable. Please note, using the high quality finishes and high quality hardware to ensure the durability.


3. Door mounting style
Door mounting style is a vital consideration many people overlook in home design. The most popular style is overlay in which the door lays over the cabinet case. There are other mounting styles such as full overlay, inset doors and regular overlay. Ensure you choose kitchen cabinets that match with your preferred door mounting style.


4. Functionality
The kitchen cabinets you choose should be functional. Do not just choose the ones that will make your kitchen look good and elegant, but have no other use. For example, glass cabinet may look great but may not be so functional for your kitchen. This is especially if you have a stack of misaligned jars behind them. The bottom cabinets should not have knobs or hooks as they may get stuck in your clothes easily.

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