Key Elements Of The Style:

Furniture and Decor 

– Carved hardwood furnitures 
– Soft furnishings like large cushions and rugs
– Ornate pieces made from glass, metal, leather and clay
– Mosaic/patterned tiles

Colours, Patterns and Fabric
– Textiles made with wool, silk or cotton used for upholstery or wall hangings
– Traditional moorish patterns
– Vibrant, contrasting colours — browns, reds, orange, deep blues, yellows, gold and silver etc.

A beautiful burst of moorish culture, delightful for show — its substantial use of lavish fabrics, precious metals and intricate carpentry may have you running to the bank more often than you’d like.

Regardless of what’s been mentioned above, you shouldn’t feel daunted to take on any of these show-stopping styles — have it serve as a pre-empt instead, for any budget implications to come in undertaking any of these interiors.

Although there are a number of guides floating around the net that can teach you a trick or two in achieving these looks at low cost — there’s no doubt that a little extra will go a long way in attaining a full-bodied image of these home looks.

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