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4 HDB Must-Know Rules for Every Homeowner Before Renovation
05 Apr, 2016

Home renovation is already fraught with potential pitfalls, what’s more dealing with additional rules unique to HDB flats. Hiring an ID is one great way to navigate around any possible issues and saves you the trouble of dealing with multiple contractors. Still, you should equip yourself with the necessary knowledge before work begins. We have put together 4 important HDB home renovation rules you must know.


1. Engage only HDB-registered Contractors

A registered contractor should already be familiar with HDB rules and regulation, so make sure yours is on the approved list to achieve peace of mind.

ID Firm: Fusion Concept Interior | Property Type: HDB


2. Inform Your Neighbours

Any good renovation contractor worth his salt will know to inform your neighbours at least 2 doors away before work begins. This is true even for works that do not require a renovation permit, such as carpentry works. To minimize disturbance to your neighbours, work should only be done between 9 to 6pm on weekdays and Saturdays. Do note that all works have to be completed within 3 months for newly-built blocks and 1 month for existing blocks.


3. Permit, or No Permit

Not every form of renovation work requires HDB approval. Some, such as wall finishes, installation of false ceilings and carpentry jobs do not require permits. As a rule of thumb, works that might affect the structural integrity of the building or damage waterproofing in wet areas like bathrooms and toilets need approval.

ID Firm: Brilliant Design Works | Blk 106 Simei St 1


4. HDB Does Not Mitigate Disputes

Once the keys to your new home is handed over to you, the homeowner assumes responsibility for the flat. Touch wood, but if disputes do arise between you and your appointed contractor, your best bet for redress will be CASE or the Small Claims Tribunals. CASE offers a good set of guidelines and advice for homeowners to follow when shopping for renovation contractors.

In a nutshell, do remember that these rules are not designed by HDB to inconvenience you, but to keep you, your family and neighbours safe.

After all that noise, smells and dust have settled, it might be a good idea to throw a big housewarming gig to thank your neighbours for putting up with the inconveniences. Who knows, it might be the start of some beautiful friendships!

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