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3 Tips to Increase your BTO Home Value Without Emptying Your Accounts
18 Oct, 2016

A threshold for many and rite of passage for us all, we may detest the current sizes of our allocated BTOs, but yet it is welcomed with open arms — as our gift from the government. Be it a stepping stone to upsize, or a place to see generations grow, a home is still a home — and no one should have to slog paying off debts to make it liveable.
Every BTO Apartment comes as a clean slate, a blank canvas for your imagination to run wild.

ID Firm: Livinz Synthesis Pte Ltd | Location: Choa Chu Kang
But with every imagination there should be reason, to ensure that nothing was bought on impulse — making each buy was worth it.

Be it for resale purposes or plain living comfort, it is important to invest your money in places of value.


1. Know the areas of priority
Kitchen, Toilets and Storage. These areas matter more than some would think, but they are indeed “bank-breaking” hotspots if ever the need to rectify. With renovation prices surging through the roofs, better to get it done well with the current rates — as opposed to a painful long-haul maintenance/rectification of it in the future.
ID Firm: Pte Ltd
Quality cabinets are important for withstanding the high temperatures and grease that come from cooking. Poorly done cabinets will result in its
veneers to peel, become sticky or even be susceptible to mould — leading it fall apart in a matter of years. You’ll end up having to spend a lot more
in getting it hacked — an extra cost on top of the new carpentry needed.
ID Firm: Living Art Design Gallery Pte Ltd
Solid-Surface, Granite and Quartz make for good countertops, as they are easy to clean and highly heat-resistant. While ceramic works best for wall tiles and flooring — being easy to clean and resilient under any kitchen condition.
ID Firm: Living Art Design Galley Pte Ltd

ID Firm: Living Art Design Galley Pte Ltd

ID Firm: DC Vision Design Pte Ltd
ID Firm: The High Living Interiors Pte Ltd | Location: Tampines

ID Firm: AC Vision Design Pte Ltd | Location: Bishan
Take advantage of every corner of your home to create extensive storage spaces — it’ll come in handy when you need it in future.
2. Choose the right style
Versatility is key in choosing a style for investment/the long run. Clean and adaptable, it can easily be transformed into a scene of any choice, perfect for those who intend to flip homes. Spatial versatility brings value to any space, allowing homeowners to pitch a higher selling price as compared to those that require much reworking into its original state.
Here are some great styles below to spearhead your renovation to something more value for money yet worth gloating among your family and peers.
ID Firm: 1 Works Pte Ltd | Location: Marine Terrace
ID Firm: Renozone Interior Design | Location: Westcoast Rise
ID Firm: Fusion Concept Interior Pte Ltd
3. Invest in good quality movables/ built ins
Two Things — Solid Wood & Proper Craftsmanship. Once you get the hang in recognising these 2 attributes for fittings, you’re good to go.
Especially, for those who plan to flip homes, let these fixtures pitch as an asset and not a defect to lower your asking price.
For those who enjoy built-ins, it is important that you find a reliable/capable ID or contractor — one who can produce quality fittings that’ll sustain in the long run. Head down to their showroom to have a view, and you’ll be able to gauge their carpentry quality from there.
For those who don’t have a showroom, just let them know you’ll like to see wood samples or even finished projects onsite — I’m sure they’ll make the necessary arrangements just to clinch your deal — but if they don’t, it’ll be best that you move along finding someone else.
Like the idea of switching it up from year to year? Just head down to the nearest IKEA or any furniture sale to do the trick. Nothing but Chic Scandinavian decor or premium fittings at competitive prices — one that wouldn’t hurt your pocket, should it wear out in the next few years.
ID Firm: The High Living Interiors Pte Ltd
ID Firm: Pte Ltd
Need help in sourcing for a reliable Interior Designer or contractor? No fret, as ST Homes is here to help you out with that. With an extensive list of trustable renovation firms, we’ll have no problem in pairing you with one that’s suitable to your renovation needs! Just with your renovation details, we’ll link you up with potential ID Firms (dependant on the scope of works) that’ll be able to cater to your needs — all for free. Send your renovation requirements now.
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