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10 Tips to Make a Small Bedroom Look Nice
06 Aug, 2015

Sometimes you just get stuck with a small space – no big deal right? Except that sometimes it can feel even smaller than it is, restricting even. So if you are into home renovation or interior design, there are ten tips to make even the smallest bedrooms look nice, giving you a gorgeous living space.


1. Mirrors
Mirror can give the illusion of a much bigger space. Use both full wall mirrors and smaller mirrors. Avoid using standing mirrors which could take up space, instead go for wall mounted ones.


2. Striped Rugs
Using stripes helps to elongate the room. Using a rug with wide stripes lay it across the length of the room that is longest for the best effect.


3. Small lights
Using a palette of similar colours shows tonal familiarity, which don’t cast the same harsh shadows all over the room


4. Painting the ceiling
This draws eyes up and away from a clustered space. Try painting some stars or clouds!


5. Big Art Pieces
Instead of lots of smaller photos or paintings, instead choose one large statement piece to really draw the eye.


6. Clear furniture
Furniture made from materials such as Lucite, acrylic and glass allow for surfaces to be used but still not take up much visual space


7. Uncovered windows
Another way to let in the most light possible. If you need to have shade, use blinds instead of curtains.


8. Use similar colours
Using a palette of similar colours show tonal familiarity, which really lets you open up the space!


9. Use light colours
Light colours, both on walls and floors, allow light to be reflected, creating an illusion of a bigger space. There are better than dark colours, which can make rooms look cosy and warm but can lead to a smaller looking space.


10. Exposed legs
Use chairs and beds with exposed legs, which allows for more of the wall and floor colour to be shown.
Hopefully these interior design tips have helped you with some ideas to have the bedroom of your dreams – No matter how small!

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