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10 Distinct Ways to Decorate your Tiny Apartment
26 Sep, 2017

A tiny apartment makes it possible to invest in elements of quality and to do so on a reasonable budget.

The comfort of being able to get from the couch into bed without touching the floor is pure bliss. For some people, it’s the smallness of the house that is comforting to them – a little cocoon, a place to retreat from all the negative vibes.
Having a bigger house might feel like you’re always missing something in the house, maybe new furniture or a new lighting. Also, the cons of having a bigger house can accommodate more people which would mean more dinner parties, game nights and cookouts.

The simplicity of small space living is genuinely enjoy having only as much as you need – no hoarding! There is no pressure to buy more stuff to fill the space or entertain all the time to justify living there. Here are 10 different ways to decorate your tiny apartment:


1. Place a curtain around the bed


Use breezy curtains to delimitate the bed from the rest of the room. It will feel more intimate and private, even though the curtains are see-through. They portray a cosy feeling as well.


2. Keep your work desk small and organised

Use a drop-down table to conserve more floor space. This encourages you to keep the study desk free of clutter as well. It’s easier to use a drop-down table because you can save a lot of space.



3. Use roller shades to separate your sleeping space from your entertainment space


Using roller shades can give an illusion that your living room and bedroom are two separate areas. They can give you more privacy and provide accent to your room.


4. Opt for sliding doors for closets and kitchens


Sliding-Doors can help divide the open space and make the area more usable for sleep and privacy. The “walls” move easily and can quickly be pushed out of the way when they’re not needed.


5. Use a Sofa Bed


A sofa bed allows it to effortlessly convert from a stylish, modern sofa to a cozy bed. It’s much less expensive than buying a bed and a couch separately. They can also add a decorative touch to your small studio apartment.


6. Double storage is your best friend

Rather than piling books, folders, clothing’s and blankets all around your tiny apartment, find a bed or a couch that can serve as a double storage. This saves you a lot of time and space. Double storage gives your tiny apartment a neater look.


7. Mirrors add an aesthetic value to any room


Mirrors make any room appear larger because of their reflective quality.
Another bonus for using cool, on-trend tinted mirrors like the one above.


8. Accessorise your Tiny Apartment


Accessorising your tiny apartment can add a bit of quirkiness to your house. Try hanging one statement piece and resting photos on a mantel or shelf – similar to the picture above.


9. Consider using wallpapers instead of paint


Paper wallpaper is a godsend for designers. This material provides a variety of options or combinations of their independent use. Also, paper wallpapers are one of the most environmentally friendly materials in the market.


10. No closet – No problem!


A combination of shelves, clothing rack and a cabinet to bring more closet storage space.

In the image above you can see how installing the top rod near the ceiling doubles your closet storage space.

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